Care Global Group

Your one-stop global healthcare operator.

We are a global conglomerate of companies, suppliers, industries and professionals consolidated into one service package to cater the operations of the healthcare industry, with its five (5) FLAGSHIP COMPANIES carrying the whole gamut of services that you will ever need to run healthcare facilities: 1. Care Global Service Solutions 2. Care Global Consultancy Industry 3. Care Global Realty Management 4. Care Global Medical Services 5. Care Global Recruitment & Manpower

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Our organisation was designed in a way that brings together professional expertise from wide-ranging sectors, to provide a comprehensive service to the healthcare industry that distinguishes us as a long-term business partner, other than simply being another service provider. 

CARE GLOBAL GROUP (CGG) aims to create solid business relationships by adding real value to each client’s business,with a professional outlook that is both pro-active and innovative. With over 40 years’ experience under our belt in Europe for Facility Management, Hospital IT Systems and  Auxiliary Services, we are sure that we can meet and handle any size of project. 

Helping achieve SERVICE EXCELLENCE in the delivery of care is foundation to our mission. The way CGG helps promote service excellence is by partnering with international experts to create world-class medical care. With partner operator and service provider all over Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia.

CGG's MODEL FOR SUCCESS is based on adhering to two core principles: Acquiring international expertise to ensure high standards for the delivery of quality care and understanding that the human component is the cornerstone of any organisation.

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we are your most complete global medical service.

Care Global Service Solutions

Your service provider for all back office operations in the entire group.

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Care Global Consultancy Industry

Efficient and state-of-the-art hospital operations management.

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Care Global Realty Management


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Care Global Medical Services

Medical tourism and special treatments for foreigners.

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Care Global Recruitment & Manpower

Staffing arm for the Care Global Group Systems of Company local and international.

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Paul Degiorgio


"We are not just a global healthcare company, we are the company of the future."

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Brian Bondin


"I know the healthcare industry like the back of my hand. I breathed hospital management for 20 years. I think I am one of the most experienced professional in the field of hospital management in the Island of Malta."

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Joe Bajada

Director for Realty Management

"I have 40 years of real estate in my sleeve. Knowing the industry cover to cover has made me innovative and result-driven in real estate development and property management. Show me one land and I know where its future lies."

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Eilleen Esteban

"Great rare talents, heart to service, passion for excellence and brilliant foresight of the future are what I would say our - biggest asset as an organisation."


We professionalize healthcare support management.

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We subscribe to the view that quality is the outcome of all activities that take place within the organisation. Total Quality Management (TQM) is a discipline and philosophy of management which institutionalizes planned and continuous improvement is a principle the group adheres to. We also put emphasis on the focus of improvements being on systems and processes rather than on the individual; also that all function and employees have to participate in the improvement process.


(1) To promote a safe environment for patients and staff that facilitate a culture of quality throughout all organisations in the group. 

(2) To provide a systematic approach to performance improvement activities. 

(3) To promote high quality, cost effective services through the development and implementation of policies, procedures and guidelines.
(4) Promote effective communication. Foster staff education processes. 

(5) Improve employee relations and promote employee satisfaction. 

(6) Ensure all CGG and other regulatory requirements are included in performance measures. 

(7) Establish priorities for performance improvement activities.

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